Speakers & Performers Bureau

We invite you to use the AATH Speakers & Performers Bureau directory to find AATH member speakers and performers for your next event!  We also invite journalists to utilize this directory to find AATH members with particular expertise for your story. 

Please feel free to search the Speakers & Performers directory to find a speaker or complete the Speaker & Performer Request Form if you would like assistance with your search.

AATH does not endorse one member over another.  Further, being listed in the Speakers & Performers directory does not constitute any endorsement by AATH.  We recommend that you directly contact individuals for their demo tapes, references and anything else you need to determine the best fit for your event.

Note:  AATH provides a directory of speakers and performers for your event.  AATH accepts no liability for any claims made by its speakers regarding their experience, accreditation, publications, etc. Each of the speakers has provided us with the information that appears on their individual speaker's page. It is the responsibility of the event organizers who are booking a speaker to verify the speaker's claims. Any jurisdictional and choice of law issues will be based in New Jersey. Speakers' opinions reflect their own views and do not necessarily reflect those of AATH, its board, or its membership.