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Accidental Humor Jewish Humor
Afghan Humor Jokes
African American Humor Laughter
Ambiguity Linguistics and Humor
American Folk Language Literature and Humor
Animal Play Movie Humor
Anthropology and Humor Music Humor
Art and Humor Obscenity and Censorship
Bilingual Humor Optical Illusions
Body Language Humor Philosophy and Humor
Business and Humor Paradox
Cartoons and Humor Parody
Clowns and Clowning Pilsbury Dough Boy
Comics Play
Computers and Humor Poetry
Creativity Political Cartoons
Education and Humor Political Humor
Ethnic Humor Practical Jokes
Gallows Humor Psychology and Humor
Gender Issues Religious Humor
Gerontology Sarcasm
Gerontology and Gender Satire
Health and Humor Scottish Humor
History and Humor Shakespeare's Humor
Humor Computer Sociology and Humor
Humor Theories Stand-up Comedy
Humor Translation Television Humor
Indian Humor Urban Legends
International Humor Visual Literacy
Irish Humor Symbolism 1
Irony Symbolism 2


The Language of Humor: An Introduction, by Alleen and Don Nilsen, Cambridge University Press, 2019