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AATH is the home for humor and laughter professionals who study, practice and promote healthy humor and laughter. Whether you are working on a graduate thesis, helping your 7 year-old with a school project, or are just curious to learn more about therapeutic humor, we hope you enjoy your visit.

The books listed on the following pages provide direct links to Amazon. The advantage for you is that by clicking on any link, you can learn much more about any of the books than we could possibly tell you. You can also see other books by the author, other formats for the books (such as Kindle), and books on related subjects. Clicking on any link does NOT obligate you to buy the book. Simply close the link or hit the back button to return to this site.

Here are the categories: 

AATH Authors Humor Academy Recommended Reading
Creativity and Play Humor Skills Development
Grief and Loss, Mental Health Humor Theory and Practice
Humor & Aging Humor & Work, Business and Leadership
Humor in Education, Learning, & the Brain Laughter and Smiling  
Humor & Gender, Race, & Ethnicity Therapeutic Clowning
Humor, Happiness & Positive Psychology  
Humor & Health  
Humor and Spirituality Just for Fun - Toys and Novelties
ISHS* Don & Alleen Nilsen Humor Bibliographies ISHS* Don & Alleen Nilsen Power Point Links

*Special note on information provided by ISHS and the Nilsens
The International Society for Humor Studies (ISHS) is a world wide multidisciplinary organization of academics and researchers who have interest in studying some aspect of humor. Founding member Don Nilsen has generously offered his ISHS bibliographies to AATH which will list not just books, but journal articles where you can read original research.

We have organized these resources by subject matter, but you will find numerous overlapping resources. Humor that is relevant to aging, for example, is also often relevant to health care.  Each section includes (or will soon) free downloadable materials and books related to the topic. 

We have eliminated for now references to articles because, frankly, the lists are overwhelming. We are in the process of gathering and dividing articles by year, but our priority is books.

The fine print: AATH exists largely through the efforts of enthusiastic volunteers. Updating and adding to the resources and products listed is a slower process than we might wish, and we apologize for any inconvenience that may cause you. We welcome your corrections and suggestions for additions or changes. (Send to [email protected]) For now we are limiting our books and products for sale to those available through our Amazon affiliate. We may consider other affiliates in the future.

Finally, we will make every effort to keep this information up to date, useful, and accurate, but AATH does not endorse or assume responsibility for specific content housed in the Resources sections.