Why Haven't I Written My Book

Why Haven't I Written My Book...

by Teena Miller

Teena MillerI got to thinking, “Why haven't I written my book? Why haven't I started (I did for 3 months then stopped because speaking was calling me)??! I would rather “DO” then sit DOWN! Truly.

I realized I also had “REAL” reasons for NOT sitting DOWN and writing and this is why Teena Miller “Would rather DO then write”:

I would rather speak to a football field of Cancer Survivors and their families and friends and TELL all present to RAISE their arms straight up and look upwards to the heavens above and shout out “I AM ALIVE” and lower their arms placing their hands on the shoulders of those next to them, turning their faces to look at that person-be it stranger, be it family or friend and Laugh Out Loud because YOU CAN because you are in that VERY moment there to support one another and yourself! And I always begin and end my Hero of Hope talks with, “I came to the conclusion I am here to LOVE as many people as I chose and then let that pause... and to state “And IRRITATE THE REST, and gosh golly I am pretty dang good at BOTH!”

I would rather work with a new individual in a Memory Care Unit whom the staff has found very challenging to work with and have almost thrown their hands up in defeat! only to call me, explaining who this new participant is and to be prepared, “But oh come quick!!!” As I enter the activity room I can hear this person before I see her because I hear yelling and cursing and loud banging! I come around the wall and there she is! Standing tall, not sitting, and wanting none of what the staff wants her to do! I sit in the middle of this room on a swivel doctor's examining chair that turns 360o and I begin. Ha-ha's here and ho-ho's there and I am facing away from her, not making eye contact with her but very aware of her presence behind me. Suddenly quiet! I turn and she is sitting next to a very elderly man who is focused on me and my movements and doing my exercises. Now mind you the room is full of memory care individuals sitting around me in an oval shape so I can swivel to see all their faces. I begin with another laughter exercise and suddenly she has gently put both of her hands on either side of this man's face and is gently turning his face towards her! I begin the exercise by counting to 3 and we are laughing and SHE is planting KISSES on both sides of this man's face and Laughing with us! Mind you they are very gentle kisses on his cheeks, left to right and right to left(they are not related to nor married to one another either!) ! He doesn't seem to mind. No one is complaining and the rest of the participants are stunned at first but then begins a ripple of ha-ha's and suddenly an uproar of Laughter washes over all of us! The gentle man being “inflicted” with all of this kissing is simply sitting there in his seat with a slight blush on his face. Staff was able to disengage her and lead her to another chair to sit in. SHE was no longer combative nor cursing. The gentleman seemed to be rather pleased with all the attention when questioned and then apologized to. Another day, another LAUGH! The Gentleman had THE Most content look on his face for the remainder of the day!

I would rather lead Dialysis Patients during their Dialysis treatments with uplifting laughing exercises and deep breathing meditations and actual laughter!

I would rather lead Laughter exercises with combat soldiers at Travis Air Force Base who are dealing daily with PTSD and have come up to me(2 of them) and thanked me -ME, Teena Miller for saving their lives. I remind them they were smart enough and believed as I do that their triggers often set off by every day living can be re-directed with Laughter Yoga Exercises and they can master their ship by choosing to laugh. Not erupting in violence.

I would rather work with the mentally ill residing in locked down psychiatric hospitals and mental health recovery centers. Individuals who have either forgotten to laugh because of their illness or because of the side effects of their pyscho-tropic pharmaceuticals-there are a myriad of challenges in their daily lives that keep them from laughing out loud and feed into their depressions and current states of mind. If only for a short time in their day(30 minutes if I am lucky!) I can bring them a connection, a link to their humanity.

I would rather organize my BOOB Voyage Party and invite my friends and family to celebrate that I am choosing to be ALIVE and that we can all Laugh together when I share my Party experiences with Families and Friends and Survivors! Breast Beverages and TITbits to munch on!

I would rather lead my Laughter Yoga sessions with Rehab Patients at the Vallejo Kaiser Rehab Center one of the most renown in the country. I am privileged to meet individuals with TBI, Strokes, Pain management issues (back surgeries and hip replacement) and together we Laugh! And occasionally I may have the entire family(there to support their husband, their father, their brother) and we all participate and Laugh together.

I would rather be able to allow ALL the people I am privileged to meet to see my vulnerability which connects me to their humanity and boom we have this Connection which paves the road to relax, to trust(me), and to take the opportunity I offer them to LAUGH!

Now I am about to Share my stories and program with so many others-by providing a road map to Laughing without comedy, jokes and a clown nose! Let's begin! Let's see where Teena will be taking her guide YOUR DAILY DOSE on the Road to Laughter!

- Teena Miller August 13, 2018

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Cherie Davis - Thursday, May 14, 2020

Hi Teena, I can completely relate and wish I had read this post sooner and not procrastinated--lol. Dr. Cherie

Mary Kay Morrison - Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Great perspective Teena! You are sharing so much with the world. Thanks for all you do.....and all of this does need to go in your book --someday! LOL

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