Current Officers and Board

AATH Board 2019-20


President Paul Osincup
paul [at] paulosincup.com
Immediate Past President Beth Slazak
bethslazak [at] gmail.com
President-Elect Jennifer Keith jennifer [at] keithtec.org
Secretary Jim-Bob Williams sludgemeister [at] gmail.com
Treasurer Don Morrison dmorriso45 [at] gmail.com
Director at Large Gurinder Bains gbains [at] llu.edu
Director at Large Karyn Buxman karyn [at] karynbuxman.com
Director at Large Debbie Derflinger debheeheeheederf [at] yahoo.com
Director at Large Mallori DeSalle mallorim [at] hotmail.com
Director at Large Heidi Hanna heidi [at] heidihanna.com
Director at Large Olga Karasik olga.karasik [at] ucf.com
Director at Large Angie Robinson robinson_angie [at] hotmail.com
Director at Large Beth Usher seaglassbu [at] yahoo.com
Director at Large Megan Werner megwerner [at] braintrainingllc.com
Managing Director Michele StClair michele [at] aath.org

Committee Leadership

Humor Connection Editor   info [at] aath.org
Humor Voice Editor Jill Knox jillknox [at] hotmail.com
2020 Conference Chair Megan Werner megwerner [at] braintrainingllc.com
Social Media Mary Kay Morrison marykay [at] questforhumor.com
  Barb Best bbestco [at] gmail.com
  Tim Piotrowski timp2112 [at] yahoo.com
  Karyn Buxman karyn [at] karynbuxman.com
Conference Research Posters  Gurinder Bains gbains [at] llu.edu
Web Development and Resources    

Marketing Committee

Jennifer Keith jennifer [at] keithtec.org


Humor Academy Leadership

Founder, Curriculum Director Mary Kay Morrison marykay [at] questforhumor.com
Co Founder, Leadership Director Karyn Buxman karyn [at] karynbuxman.com
Logistics Director Nila Nielsen ninielsen [at] me.com
Board Representative,
Student Advisor Level II
Olga Karasik olga.karasik [at] ucf.com
Advisor Level I Colleen Cooke colleen.cooke [at] sru.com
Advisor Level I Bev Eanes edebeke [at] comcast.net
Advisor Level III Kathy Laurenhue laurenhue [at] msn.com
Student Advisor Level II Jana Greco jg2588 [at] yahoo.com
Level II Project Mentor Laurie Young  laurie [at] laughways.com
Level II Project Mentor Jill Knox  jillknox [at] hotmail.com
Student Advisor Level III Angie Robinson robinson_angie [at] hotmail.com
 CHP Facilitator  Roberta Gold  laf4u [at] sbcglobal.net