Meet Our Members

Pat Shea

Pat Shea started in comedy 16 years ago. After taking a comedy course at a local club and performing in front of a live audience at her graduation ceremony, Pat was approached by people wanting her to perform at their local churches and PTA meetings. Soon she branched out to regularly performing for local venues and “Samantha’s Lil Bit of Heaven Ministries.”

Pat has made herself at home at Lil Bit of Heaven. Samantha Tetro, head of the ministry, likes to call Pat the “Minister of Comedy.” Pat prefers clean comedy, and she likes to call upon stories in her life as the inspiration for her brand of humor.

Pat works with many of the comedians in the New York/Tri-State area who want to perform at the ministry’s monthly “Squeaky Clean Comedy Night.”

“Unfortunately, too many comedians believe they have to use profanity to be funny,” Pat has reflected. “I work with them and help them with their material so they can play not just clean, but ‘Squeaky Clean.’”

Pat has been featured on KLOVE’s Single Mother’s Celebration for two consecutive years, was a finalist for Nickelodeon’s Funniest Mom on Long Island, and has performed for numerous women’s events, teas, nursing homes, veteran’s hospitals and more. Recently, Pat put on an original show called “And Now A Word From Our Sponsor,” a comedy salute to TV from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

“My goal is to perform comedy for those who are suffering,” Pat stated, commenting on what drives her. “Whether it’s through illness, stress, loneliness, death, depression, finances – whatever causes their heart to be heavy. That is one of the reasons I joined AATH. I wanted to take the Humor Academy courses so I can use my comedy to further help those in need. I have been blessed to bring the medical properties of laughter to a lot of folks, and my plan is to keep going until I drop like a stone.”

Find out more about Pat Shea on her website, and check out more of our members in our member catalogue.