We are a Volunteer-driven, Not-for Profit (501c3) Association, and We Are Serious About Humor!

Could you use a laugh? So could the rest of the world! Together, in a world of illness, suffering, depression, economic downturns, environmental crises, and regulatory transformations in business/education/healthcare, we can work toward promoting a healing (and humorous) perspective. It used to be challenging to quantify the value of humor and laughter.  However, recent research validates the many positive ways humor and laughter can impact: 

  • Our health
  • Personal and Professional Relationships
  • Productivity...and so much more!  

Your sponsorship dollars help us support the critical difference our members make in schools, pediatric units, long-term care facilities, businesses, and organizations. The monies help to educate AATH members working with troops and their families, people coping with loss and grief, people experiencing mental illness, and many other areas.  Did you know that according to the research, the use of humor is a powerful selling tool?

2023 Sponsorship Opportunities 

To learn more about AATH, our members, the work we do, and how you can benefit from sponsorship opportunities, 
please contact the AATH office at 815-708-6587 or [email protected]