AATH Administrative Volunteer Job Descriptions

Board of Directors: Officers
Officers of the Board will be a President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past-President. President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the membership.


  • Encourages commitment and cooperation from each volunteer Board Member.
  • Leads the organization toward the accomplishment of its mission.
  • Works with Executive Director to develop strong cooperation between the Board and Executive Director.
    • Collaborates on preparation of Board meeting agendas.
    • Acts as a sounding board on issues brought from the Executive Director.
    • Encourages the Executive Secretary to build the Board: Executive Director relationship.
    • Acts as liaison between Board and Executive Director.
  •  Presides at Board meetings.
    • Works to keep the meeting on target and productive.
    • Encourages all Board Members to participate fully.
    • Prevents and resolves conflicts among team members.
    • Maintains an orderly atmosphere of good business.
  • Appoints standing and ad-hoc committees and committee chairs.
  • Acts as Ex-Officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
  • Encourages all committees to function well and be accountable to the full Board.
  • Acts as a representative of the Board in all matters of Board policy.
  • Helps the Board interpret Board policy.
  • Signs official documents requiring signature.
  • Represents the Board in public and official capacities as instructed by the Board.
  • Chairs the Executive Committee.
  • Makes special assignments and appoints representatives to other organizations.
  • Encourages the Board to create long-range planning.
  • Assists and encourages Board Members to build skills.
  • Recognizes Board member violation of ethical standards; brings any violations to the Board member’s attention or full Board, if necessary.
  • Acts to discipline Board Members who violate ethical standards of the Board.
  • Encourages all Board Members to participate in Board activities.
  • Ensures that all Board Members' views are represented in Board meetings.


  • Serves on the Executive Committee.
  • Works with the President to be prepared to assume that office, if necessary.
  • Manages special assignments as requested by the Board President.


  • Maintains oversight of the minutes.
  • Oversees other records of the Board, including the charter and any historical documents. 
  • At the direction of, and on behalf of the Board, signs notes, contracts and other official agreements.
  • Researches organization records, when necessary, for information for the Board.
  • Maintains records of Director; attendance at Board meetings; informs President of excessive absences.
  • Maintains records of election and appointment dates of volunteers.
  • Ensures that all official documents are safely passed to the next Secretary.
  • Serves on the Executive Committee.


  • Oversees the financial records for AATH.
  • Writes monthly reports to the Board of Directors.
  • With Executive Director, provides Board with insight and knowledge of financial plans, controls and results.
  • With Executive Director, assists Board’s understanding of annual budget before it votes on its approval.
  • Signs checks prepared by Executive Director or otherwise approves payment, per established procedures.
  • Reviews monthly financials for trends/projections; makes inquiries in re operating policies, plans and decisions.
  • Assists the Executive Director in interpreting monthly financial reports to present to the entire Board.
  • Chairs any committee related to the budget.
  • Ensures that the Board arranges for an annual audit of the organization’s financial records.
  • Plans in-service programs for Board to assist members’ understanding of financial reporting process.


  • Advises and mentors the President.
  • Facilitates the Awards Committee.

Board of Director Responsibilities
Board members are responsible for creating AATH policy in program planning, finance, community relations, human resources, and organizational operations.

  • Program Planning - Board members have three key responsibilities in this area: 
    • Establishing and reviewing AATH mission/philosophy/goals; 
    • Planning services/programs that AATH provides;
    • Evaluating AATH services/programs and operations on a regular basis.
  • Finance - Board members have four key responsibilities in this area: 
    • Ensuring financial accountability of AATH; 
    • Overseeing an ongoing process of budget development, approval and review; 
    • Fundraising and/or ensuring funds are available to support AATH's policies/programs;
    • Overseeing properties and investments of AATH.
  • Community Relations - Board members have three key responsibilities in this area: 
    • Ensuring that AATH's programs and services appropriately address the needs of those we serve; 
    • Advocating for AATH's services/programs, including awareness that Board members are always emissaries of AATH in the community;
    • Improving member benefits that continually strengthen the value of association membership;
    • Cooperative action, ie- deciding when AATH should take part in coalitions, joint operations, etc.
  • Human Resources - Board members have three key responsibilities in this area: 
    • Board membership: recruiting new Board members, recognizing/nurturing current Board members, and providing them with opportunities to grow/develop as leaders; 
    • Executive Director oversight: hiring, terminating, disciplining, evaluating the Executive Director;
    • Personnel policies: developing/refining policies relating to the Executive Director's employment, ensuring complete/current policies for management of Association business and staff are kept.
  • Organizational Operations - Board members have four key responsibilities in this area: 
    • Ensuring AATH's management systems are adequate and appropriate; 
    • Ensuring Board operations are adequate/appropriate, including writing policy for Board meeting conduct/operation of Board business; 
    • Ensuring that organizational and legal structures are adequate and appropriate;
    • Ensuring that AATH and its Board members meet all applicable legal requirements.

Conference Chairs

  • Plan and coordinate the Annual Conference.
    • Research and finalize location/dates to be announced/promoted at the preceding Conference.
    • Set Conference goals and theme.
  • Recruit and organize Conference Committee Chairs; set-up monthly meeting dates.
  • Keep Conference Guideline Manual updated for future Conference Chairs.
  • Seek/invite keynote speakers; balance topics (research, application, theory). Ask some to be breakout presenters, too.
  • Organize a committee to read and score the breakout proposals. 
    • Choose breakout presenters; send congratulatory snail mail letters (office).
    • Send regrets letter to those not chosen.
  • Plan logistics with the Executive Director, Humor Academy Directors and Committee Chairs.
    • Room assignments
    • Entertainment
    • Awards Ceremony
    • Humor Academy Events
    • Bookstore
    • Exhibits
    • Food, Transportation, Local Support                               

Conference Chairs for Following Year

  • Work with Conference Chairs in all aspects of the planning process.
  • Attend Conference planning meetings.
  • Start to research locations so publicity can begin at prior year’s Conference.

Humor Academy

  • Plan, coordinate and implement the Humor Academy Certificate and grad program.
  • Work with University to obtain graduate college credit.
  • Recruit and meet with advisors on a monthly basis.
  • Plan Conference program.
  • Recruit and work with instructors for the Conference.
  • Recruit participants.
  • Keep data on all participant requirements and activity.
  • Maintain Humor Academy Guidelines and historic records.

Humor Academy Advisors (additional details in Advisor Guidebook)

  • Participate in monthly advisor meetings.
  • Plan and coordinate monthly study group meetings.
  • Mentor participants.
  • Facilitate program data for study group.

AATH Volunteer Job Descriptions

Awards  (usually a committee of Past-Presidents chaired by Immediate Past-President)

  • Select the award winners for Doug Fletcher Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Plan the award program for the Conference.


  • Recruits items to be auctioned.
  • Serves as auctioneer for the AATH annual auction.


  • 6 Months ahead:  Find a vendor to manage the bookstore    
    • Discuss bookstore requirements.
    • Agree on a percent the vendor keeps for selling AATH author’s books.
    • Agree on a payment method for paying our authors.
  • Well ahead of time:
    • Develop a list of fun books including: title, publisher, ISBN#
    • Ask the Humor Academy Directors which books they need and/or want you to stock.
  • Work with Committee:
    • Decide on room for the bookstore.
    • Figure out how to share room with poster sessions and other denizens of the bookstore.
    • Decide on hours bookstore will be open.
    • Figure out if we have to sell some of the books in the back of the room for some sessions.
    • Submit a list of book-signings for the Conference guide.
  • 2-3 Months ahead:  Communicate with AATH authors:
    • Write AATH to get list of Conference speakers and their emails.
    • Write those people and email about ordering their books to sell in the bookstore.
    • Ask if they would like to schedule a book signing.
    • Track: speakers, emails, books to order, book signings to scheduled.
    • Check with office for hotel instructions for sending packages to the hotel.
    • Send shipping instructions (3 X) for authors who will send their books to the Conference hotel.
  • 1 ½ Months ahead: Order books
    • Decide on quantity of each book to order.
    • Order books.
    • Design and duplicate a receiving form for authors to sign when they bring in their books.
  • At the Conference:
    • Arrange with office to have a special key pass for the bookstore room.
    • Greet bookstore people and attend to their initial needs, give them the Conference schedule.
    • Give bookstore owner bathroom breaks; bring a lunch plate to the bookstore vendors.
    • Make sure that announcements are made to support the bookstore’s success.

CE/CME Credits

  • Work with the Executive Director to contract with a Management Company that awards CE/CME credits to be sure to understand the requirements.
  • Review all proposals; ensure speakers submit required documentation. Reminders to those who have not submitted.
  • Collaborate with Conference Chair to be sure all information is completed on time.

Clown Facilitation

  • Collaborate with Conference Chair on time and location of clowning outreach at the Conference.
  • Recruit clowns and communicate details to them.
  • Contact the venue for permissions.
  • Arrange transportation to and from Conference.


  • Collaborates with Conference Chair on theme and ideas for decorations.
  • Finds donors for decorations.
  • Recruits a committee if needed to help set-up for the Conference.
  • Oversees any post-Conference clean-up.


  • Advertise opportunities for exhibiting at Conference.
  • Review submissions; work-out details with each exhibitor.
  • Do an exhibit Bingo, if desired to encourage registrant to come to exhibit area.
  • Work with the Bookstore Chairs on space requirements.
  • Help set-up exhibits and remind exhibitors of time for exhibit break-down.

Speaker Facilitation

  • Request program document detailing speaker times and speaker contact information (in January).
  • Make sure each speaker has bio for introduction (office will have; may need to follow-up with speaker).
  • Recruit facilitators  (can use list from previous year).
  • Send facilitators a copy of facilitator guideline and evaluation.
  • Ask facilitators for their top 3 or 4 speaker choices.
  • Match speakers and facilitators; and create Master List.
  • Email facilitator name to each speaker; convey we’re looking forward to their presentation; ask if they have any questions.
  • Email speaker name to each facilitator and ask if they have any questions.
  • At Conference—be sure all items are ready for facilitators.
  • Certificates-spelled correctly and ordered  (by time or alphabetically).
  • Gifts for speakers ready.
  • Master List available for facilitators.
  • Be available for any issues—technology needs (convey to hotel staff).
  • Collect evaluations from facilitators.


  • Search for grants for which AATH might apply.
  • Research and write for the grant for AATH with assistance of BOD.
  • Keep membership posted on importance of financial support; have members on the lookout for possible funding sources…maybe 1 or 2 articles a year in the HC and posts on the list serve.

HC Editor

  • Publishes a Humor Connection newsletter monthly, with input from the President and ongoing program chairs.
  • Recruits members to write book reviews and articles.
  • Features AATH members and volunteers.
  • Promotes AATH benefits.
  • Markets Conference and other AATH events.
  • Works with the President for the monthly letter (youtube video).

Humor Jams Kickoff - Conference Event

  • Invite Conference attendees to participate in Thursday night “fun & humorous” activities at hotel.
  • Coordinate with Conference Chair in re times and locations.
  • Finalize lists of participants; give them guidelines.
  • Provide attendees with list of activities/room locations.


  • Recruit student interns from local universities to assist with the Conference.
  • Work with Conference Chair in re intern assignments (bookstore set-up, registration table, decorations, technology, facilitation; bag stuffing).
  • Communicate with students as to times/locations.

Jest Friends

  • Invite new members to connect with a Jester to welcome/advise them in re AATH  member benefits.
  • Find people willing to be friends (Jesters) to the new members.
  • Match Jesters with Jestees.

Marketing /Social Media/Press Releases

  • Develop and maintain an updated Fact Sheet/brochure/postcard.
  • Collaborate with Conference Co-Chairs on marketing and promoting the Conference.
  • Develop a month-by-month plan for marketing outreach.
  • Facilitate Social Media outreach including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other venues.
  • Organize committee to develop press releases on the Conference on a weekly basis starting in January. 
  • Work with Committee to be sure all possible social media outlets are identified and contacted.
  • Develop and maintain a list of press outlets-newspapers, television, etc.


  • Recruit new members:
    • Ensure that brochures and materials are available to current members.
    • Ensure new members receive welcome packet and a Jest Friend.  (Recruit Jest Friends from current membership; make matches).   
  • Retention of members:
    • Follow-up with non-renewed members.
    • Survey members as to reasons why they have dropped membership.


  • Plan the memorial service for the Conference.
  • Offer opportunities to members for memorials through scholarships, Humor Academy or to general fund.

Organizational Friends

  • Organize and maintain a list of organizational friends with current president or contact person.
  • Make sure the contact person knows about the conference and the 10% discount for their members.
  • Search for organizations with similar goals and offer benefits of organizational friends.
  • Ensure that reciprocal relationship is maintained.

Orient Express

  • Create PowerPoint about AATH (mission/purpose/benefits), conference format/schedule/locations.
  • Welcome everyone-maybe an activity. 
  • Introduce Board members and Conference Chairs.
  • Recognize new members/”first-timers” (who travelled furthest?…who’s from medical community? etc.).

Pillar Communities

  • Identifies the occupation/career groups that reflect AATH membership population including health, business, education, author, spiritual, speaker, clown, entertainer.
  • Finds facilitators for each group to plan networking opportunities at Conference and throughout year.
  • Has members of these groups submit articles of interest for the e-zine and Humor Connection.  


  • Works with Chair to determine pictures that should be taken.
  • Gets volunteers to take pictures and video at Conference.
  • Sends pics to Chair and President for inclusion in HC and on website.

Poster Sessions

  • Recruit research posters by advertising (include deadline) in HC and on website.
  • Select committee to review poster session submissions and decide on those qualified. Send confirmation to those selected with details of time, space and requirements.
  • Coordinate set-up of poster session with Conference Chair.
  • Facilitate introductions and time presentations at the poster research session.

Program Book

  • Review program book from previous year.
  • Work with office on hotel and city information.
  • Work with Conference Chair on program, schedule, updates from previous year; submit info to office.
  • Get handouts from speakers for submission in book.

Proposal Readers

  • Collaborate with Conference Chair on timeframe for proposal reading.
  • Read proposals.
  • Use rubric to score proposal submissions.
  • Submit results to Conference Chair.


  • Advertises opportunity in Humor Connection and on website.
  • Gathers names of registrants asking for roommates; make matches.


  • Finds volunteers (in collaboration with the office) for registration table.
  • Finds sponsor to donate registration bags.
  • Finds donors of “goodies” for bags.
  • Advertises opportunity for members to have their professional information placed in registration bags.
  • Organizes the bag stuffing on the day before the Conference.

Podcasts/webinars media outreach

  • Plan and organize 4 podcasts/year.
    • Set-up interviews with keynote speakers to promote the Conference.
    • Set-up interviews with Level 2 Humor Academy participants about their projects.
  • Coordinate with the Humor Connection editor to promote.
  • Make sure the podcast is posted to the website in a timely manner.


  • Review and select the scholarship winners.
  • Recruit $$ for new scholarships or to donate to existing scholarships.

Special Events

  • Arranges for off-site activities.
  • Promotes and handle finances.


  • Recruit and organize a committee.
  • Update/maintain sponsorship packet; ensure all benefits are given to each sponsor in each category.
  • Maintain list of possible sponsors; assign committee members to contact them. Search for new sponsorship ideas.
  • Make sure there are numerous ways to recognize sponsors at the Conference.
    • In brochure
    • Banners
    • Publicity
    • On stage
    • Free access to sessions.
  • Thank sponsors profusely for their contributions.
  • Ask members at the Conference for ideas for additional sponsors.   

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Keeps list up-to-date ensuring key people are active in all positions—contact volunteers regularly.
  • Works closely with BOD ensuring they are aware of changes to list; ask them for volunteer needs.

Web Design and Management; Chair and Co-Chair

  • Review website monthly and discuss necessary changes.
  • Coordinate with office updates for the website.  Ensure changes are made in a timely manner.
  • Review research articles submitted for the website (office will send to Chairs).
    • Chairs will send articles to Web Editorial Review (WER) Committee for review within a month.
    • When returned as accepted, Chair will post on website.
    • If rejected, Chair will send form letter with thanks and suggestions for posting in another category (in the HC).

Web Editorial Review (WER)

  • Reviews and solicit articles for the Web library.
  • Solicits articles for publication in AATH news/resources.